What is MammoRisk?

MammoRisk uses a risk prediction model based on statistical data mining, to assess a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.

MammoRisk was developed by Statlife in collaboration with the Gustave Roussy Institute (the biggest European comprehensive cancer center) and the Breast Cancer Screening Consortium (US).

MammoRisk tenu par un docteur

MammoRisk Interface

MammoRisk has a simple interface. Only 5 criteria are needed to assess the risk of breast cancer.

  • Age of the patient
  • Family history
  • Previous biopsy
  • Breast density
  • Race / Ethnicity

Results are illustrated via percentage and line graph.

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MammoRisk Report

MammoRisk can produce the following results:

  • Patient identification
  • Breast density assessment
  • Breast cancer risk (percentage, category and illustration)
  • Personalized screening program drawn from official recommendations

A MammoRisk report can be stored or printed in a .pdf format. See sample below.

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Operational Diagram

MammoRisk can be used in “stand alone” mode, or connected to a network to:

  • Access mammographic images (DICOM)
  • Access patient data
  • Return results to the server (DICOM)

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