MammoRisk white Paper – 2016

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MammoRisk White Paper

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Table of Contents: MammoRisk White Paper

  • Introduction
  • MammoRisk software functions
  • MammoRisk operating diagram
  • About breast cancer Risk
  • For specific cases (previous breast cancer, strong familial history)
  • For the general population: The BCSC Nearest Neighbor Method (k-NN)
  • Risk calculation method based on data mining from cohorts’ data
  • Stratification according to the risk within the general population of women
  • Comparison of BCSC k-NN model overall performance to existing models
  • MammoRisk: a unique tool for patient empowerment
  • References
  • Appendix 1: How to evaluate a risk score model
  • Appendix 2: About breast cancer risks factors

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