MammoRisk Brochure

Below is our latest brochure on MammoRisk. Click on the image to download the .pdf.

Statlife’s Total Solution

MammoRisk risk assessment software combined with our innovative, DenSeeMammo software, provides a total solution for breast centers, radiologists, referring physicians and patients, namely:

  • A breast density assessment
  • A 5-year risk assessment
  • A customizable personalized screening plan (US, Tomo, MRI and MBI ) Benefits to Radiologists and Breast Centers
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, with fast reads
  • Incorporates seamlessly into facility workflows
  • Offers standardization and reproducibility with mammography reads
  • Automatically assesses 5-year risk of developing breast cancer
  • Identifies NEW high-risk patients in the general population whom could benefit from supplemental exams
  • Produces a clear and easy-to-understand report for patients and referring MDs with a recommended screening plan
  • It can be explained to the patient with in-office consultation which may be reimbursable
  • DICOM and HL7 compliant

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