DenSeeMammo automatically assesses breast density simulating visual evaluation in a reproducible way.

  • DenSeeMammo is a state of the art tool for assessing breast density in a way comparable to visual assessment by radiologists specialized in breast imaging.
  • Measurements of breast density by DenSeeMammo show an excellent agreement with visual assessment by a qualified radiologists’ consensus.
  • DenSeeMammo provides a 2D standardized breast density value for each patient, along with a BI-RADS Breast Density 5th Edition category.
  • DenSeeMammo analyzes processed digital 2D mammograms in a fully automated comparison procedure.
  • DenSeeMammo receives 510k clearance by FDA for GE equipments.
  • DenSeeMammo can be upgraded to MammoRisk in order to get a complete solution

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